Do Deer Eat Morels?

While deer are known to eat a wide variety of plants, including many types of mushrooms, there is little evidence to suggest that they eat morel mushrooms. Morels are not typically a preferred food for deer, and it is unlikely that they would seek them out specifically to eat.

In fact, morel mushrooms contain a toxin called gyromitrin that can be harmful to both humans and animals if consumed in large quantities. While the toxin is typically destroyed by cooking, it is still advisable to consume morels in moderation and to thoroughly cook them before eating.

Overall, while deer may come across morel mushrooms while foraging for food, it is unlikely that they would actively seek them out as a food source, and they may even avoid them due to their bitter taste and potential toxicity.

Therefore, while morels may be present in areas where deer are abundant, the presence of deer does not guarantee the presence of morels. Many other factors, such as temperature, moisture, and soil conditions, also play a role in the growth of morels, and it’s not uncommon for morels to appear in areas with few or no deer.

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